Alonzo King LINES Ballet BFA at Dominican University of California offers serious students an unequaled opportunity to discover themselves as artists and as human beings–and to gain an excellent artistic and academic education along the way. This unique, exciting four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program combines the acclaimed, rigorous training and philosophy of one of the nation’s premier dance institutions with the comprehensive liberal arts education and social values of the Dominican tradition.


“Fierce concentration brings light to the mind, which brings clarity and the ability to see. To a degree it’s more important how you study, than what you study. Any applied concentration brightens minds. One of the wonderful benefits of art study is that you develop intuition. Intuition is that knowing which doesn’t rely on inference and doesn’t need validation. It just knows. What parent wouldn’t want that for their child?” Alonzo King

In 2006, Alonzo King LINES Ballet and Dominican University of California collaborated to create the program, which is housed in both the Department of Music, Dance and Performing Arts on the beautiful Dominican campus in San Rafael, California, and the spacious professional dance studios of Alonzo King LINES Dance Center in San Francisco. The program provides a comprehensive education in the liberal arts, including specialized courses in Dance History and Music, presented by the best of Dominican’s faculty.

The dance curriculum emphasizes ballet (Western classical dance) as its foundational language, complemented by extensive training in modern and other dance forms. With its direct relationship to Alonzo King, one of the foremost choreographers of our time, the program offers students unique access to the process and environment in which current dance thought and practice is being shaped.

One way the BFA at Dominican offers this unique environment is through a partnership with JUNTOS Collective, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that uses dance to develop leadership and community building in underserved areas in the United States, Mexico, and Central America. This partnership offers students who wish to augment their dance training abroad the option to apply for trips with JUNTOS, throughout which which they take classes, perform, reflect, and gain dance teaching experience beyond the university setting.